Robert Downey Jr. Could Earn $50 Million from Avengers

By admin | 6 years ago

The recently released Marvel’s Studios superhero film The Avengers is earning billions worldwide. It is one of the most successful worldwide box office sensations ever released. Among studio executives, it is considered just as much a success for its smart deal making. Marvel studio executives were able to bring together six hot movies stars into one blockbuster movie without having to break the bank. However, Robert Downey Jr., it seems, is the lone exception to the strict cost controls Marvel maintains.

A number of insiders say that Downey Jr. will get a payday of over $50 million once all of the bonuses for box-office and backend compensation are added in. However, final numbers may take years to be calculated, but with the amount Downey is expected to earn, he can wait a few years for part of it. The amount of money is on par with movie stars that are on the upper echelon, but far and away from his fellow co-stars in the movies. All of the other co-stars make a very small fraction of what Downey is taking home.

The reason Downey has the potential to make so much more, is the renegotiated deal his representatives made after Iron Man surprised industry experts and grossed over $585 million in 2008. Downey now is guaranteed a slice of the pie for all movies from Marvel going ahead that he stars in and that percentage is estimated to be between five and seven percent.

Avengers passed the $1 billion mark after only 19 days of its release. If it were able to reach the $1.32 billion mark, it would pass Harry Potter’s final edition making it the third highest seller of all time behind Avatar at $2.8 billion and Titanic at $2.2 billion.

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