Robert Downey Jr.’s tweet to Chris Pratt About ‘Jurassic World’

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Robert Downey Jr.’s tweet to Chris Pratt About ‘Jurassic World’

Just when you thought Prattkeeping could not get any more awesome, the boss of all drops the mic with his very own version. Chris Pratt is no doubt the champion of the now almost iconic raptor scene from “Jurassic World.” The word now is that the “royalty” of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey Jr. tweeted his version of Prattkeeping to Chris himself.

According to Huffington Post, Robert must have seen Prattkeeping trending on Twitter and so he decided to get his hands dirty too and tweet about his version. The meme is familiar but when Robert “Iron Man” Downey Jr. himself posts a familiar meme, it becomes a thing. The meme shows Chris Pratt in his signature pose from “Jurassic World” but only this time around, he is controlling someone more dangerous than Raptors, that being the “Avengers”. Replacing the raptors are Captain America, Iron Man & Thor from the confrontational scene they had in “Avengers” when Loki was taken in custody. The final product of the meme shows Pratt’s Owen Grady trying to calm down the three Avengers. Robert even added a line to the tweet saying “This might get out of hand” and put Chris Pratt’s twitter handle after it. Chris’s response to the tweet was equally delightful, he replied “Looks like Owen is about to get his a** handed to him”.

As mentioned earlier the meme has been going around for a while but Robert and Chris officially using it now as a part of their joke, just adds more credibility to it. Given the fact that Chris also plays Star-Lord in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”, it would be even more wonderful to visualize Star-Lord trying to calm down the Avengers and then maybe making them listen to his Awesome Mix of songs that he was listening in the movie. If there were a meme with Star-Lord instead of Owen Grady, it would also give fans a chance to see how good Star-Lord & Avengers look together.

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Photo source: Facebook/Robert Downey Jr.

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