Robert Downey Jr. To Produce, Star in Conman Movie Adaptation

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Robert Downey Jr. To Produce, Star in Conman Movie Adaptation

When the American star, Robert Downey Jr., is not saving the world from the Ultrons, he prefers to wear his producer’s hat and develop films along with his partner wife Susan Downey. The pair are all set for another project under Warner Bros., and there are chances that Robert will play the role of a con man.

Team Downey, the production company of American actor Robert Downey Jr., is in talks in developing a movie based on the famous book, “Chasing Phil: The World’s Greatest Con Man, Two Undercover FBI Agents, and Their Amazing Around the World Adventure” and there are chances that the “Iron Man” will play the title role of Phillip Kitzer Jr.

The book is written by David Howards and follows a true story of FBI’s first foray into white collar crime-fighting. The books tells the journey of two young FBI agents who intrude the world of charismatic, Phillip Kitzer Jr., the mastermind behind a dozens of multi-million dollar schemes. According to the book, Phil’s network of associates were known as ‘The Fraternity.’

Warner Bros. has taken the rights of the book from the author and the publishing house. From Team Downey, Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey and David Gambino will represent the project and Courtenay Valenti and Julia Spiro will oversee the project on behalf of Warner Bros. Warner Bros. is also in talks with the retired FBI agents, Jim Wedick and Jack Brennan, the agents who broke into the world of Phillip Kitzer Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. who is represented by CAA, is currently filming the next film in Marvel Universe, “Captain America: Civil War” which will be released on April 29, 2016 and his production company, Team Downey is currently developing movies like “Pinocchio,” “USS Indianapolis,” and “Perry Mason.”

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Image Source: Facebook/Robert Downey Jr.

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