Robert Duvall Advises Robert Downey Jr. Not to Give Up ‘Iron Man’ Role

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Robert Duvall Advises Robert Downey Jr. Not to Give Up ‘Iron Man’ Role

Robert Downey Jr. could not have asked for a better co-star than Hollywood veteran Robert Duvall. Both the actors who co-starred in the movie “The Judge” as father and son duo had a nice equation going on in the movie and their performances were liked by many. Following that Robert Duvall has a piece of advice for his “The Judge” co-star. Read on.

According to Master Herald, Duvall in a recent interview advised Downey Jr. that he should never pass on his coveted Tony Stark role to anyone. It was because what if Marvel ever decided to do a possible “Iron Man 4” in the future? Watching another actor play the role might not be the best idea because fans are now so accustomed to watching Downey Jr. play the role so beautifully.

Unfortunately, the decision is not in the actor’s hands since he is not the casting director for the studio and given the fact that he asked for a bigger paycheck than his existing one, might raise a bit of apprehension from the studio. However, Marvel being the big studio that it is, will not mind giving Downey Jr. whatever amount he has been quoting.

“The Judge” was not the first time the “Iron Man” was working with the veteran actor. In one of his interviews with Jimmy Fallon that he had done at the time movie was about to release, he had joked about the fact that Mr. Duvall did not really recall working with him. The two actors had worked before in “The Gingerbread Man” that released in 1998 and “Lucky You” that released in 2006.

The actor had also jokingly admitted that he had on numerous occasions whether in restaurants or other places went up to the senior actor only to be not recognized by him. One of the most amusing things the actor added was that Mr. Duvall complimented him on his role in “Chaplin” even though he had not seen it.

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