Robert Kirkman’s New Apocalypse Trailer: Air [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Robert Kirkman’s New Apocalypse Trailer: Air [WATCH VIDEO]

Skybound Entertainment releases the first trailer for the film “Air,” a new form of apocalyptic film, last weekend at the San Diego Comic–Con 2014. The film stars Norman Reedus of the popular TV show “Walking Dead” and Djimon Hisou of the recently opened sci-fi film “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

The age of the apocalyptic movie mediums have seriously dawned in this year as Skybound Entertainment reveals the first trailer to their new horror movie entitled “Air.” The movie is produced by Robert Kirman, which brought about a reunion with “Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus and joined in by “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor Djimoun Hisou. The film serves as the directorial debut to Christian Castamessa, who also happened to co-write the screenplay together with “How I Survived the Apocalypse” scribe Chris Pasetto.

The trailer starts off with a speech from the president that elaborates the importance of the protection of human life from tyranny on a global scale. Set in what seemed like an aftermath of a nuclear war, the surface of the earth has become unlivable which caused people to run underground.

Based on the report by MStars News, the film seems to be set in a dystopian world that clear of all sorts of terrorist attacks. It is quite evident that the people have succumbed to the grasps of tyranny which leads them into a somewhat bleak future. With that, the two protagonists (Reedus and Hisou) are confined inside what seemed like a nuclear fallout shelter and leaving it would probably mean death.

“Air has the feel of some of the great psychological science fiction films of the past, like Sunshine, the Russian epic Solaris, the quieter moments of Alien, or the Sam Rockwell sleeper hit Moon,” described by Screen Rant.

The premise of a nuclear war and an aftermath of an unlivable planet appear to be all out thrilling and boggling notions. It is because these premises are very much possible and not far off with reality, which gives the film a plausible backbone for its horrific storyline. The film offers a theatrical preview of what could really happen if such man-made force of destruction were to befall on earth. When you put your mind into it, it will definitely leave you cringing from such imagery. The whole thought of human extinction being brought upon by humans themselves will indeed turnout to be the dreariest, most solitary, most lonesome way of wiping out our kind and the movie brings out such reality into place.

To date, there are still no updates for the release of the movie “Air” as it is still currently in the production phase. Continue to check Movie News Guide (MNG) for more news in the entertainment circle.

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