Robert Pattinson Asks Jamie Bell About His Sex Life

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Robert Pattinson Asks Jamie Bell About His Sex Life

Robert Pattinson, the star of “Twilight” series can be anything. He can perform a marvellous role in “Maps to the Stars,” or he can become a vampire and made every girl fall in love with him, or he can become a journalist and make the everyone wonder with his question on sex. Read on for more details.

Interview magazine has this special segment where two stars interview each other and for their upcoming edition, this time the magazine chose old time pals, Robert Pattinson and Jamie Bell. The interview which was supposed to focus on Bell’s professional life became extra spicy when Pattinson asked him, ‘Who are you f****g?’

Pattinson began the conversation by asking Bell about how much drug he intake, who he is sleeping with and what is his earliest memory. Of course, Bell opted for the least scandalous question and told Pattinson about his earliest memory of having a Batmobile. It was was a replica from the Tim Burton movies. Like in the movies, his Batmobile fired yellow missiles and one day Bell accidentally hit her mother’s foot with that yellow missiles.

The “Fantastic Four” actor,  whose first movie was “Billy Elliot” at the age of 13, also shed light on his experience with working with a small crew. According to him, he had no reference whatsoever to work in a film. He said that it felt like a circus in their town with hundred crew members standing in the street and looking at you when you are doing something for them.

There are so many things which the fans of Bell wants to know about him, but all in all, the actor gave away a little more insights about his life. He said that people always asks him why he is not in any rehab? For that, Bell always remembers an old saying, “Always be yourself.”

After this hard-hitting start with his Bell, we think that Pattinson may add another profession to his resume. Unfortunatetly, the conversation which Pattinson wanted to start didn’t reach its ultimate goal. We still don’t know with whom Bell is sleeping or how much he do the crack?

What do you think of Robert Pattinson interviewing his friend Jamie Bell and starting the conversation with a sex joke?

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