Robert Pattinson Calls ‘Twilight’ Fame As Craziest Time Of His Life

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
Robert Pattinson Calls ‘Twilight’ Fame As Craziest Time Of His Life

“I just don’t have to think about that stuff anymore,” this statement has been given by none other than the “Twilight” saga actor Robert Pattinson who reached the top fame because of that series, but after these long years, the star confessed that the fame from “Twilight” has made him “Crazy,” reported NME magazine.

Pattinson said that now the fame, which he had acquired after the Edward Cullen role, has faded and this is the reason behind him living normal life now. He explained that time as the craziest time because he cannot go outside his house or at a supermarket because of fans presence outside his house almost daily.

All that fame was driving the star crazy, said the star as reported by People. He stopped going to the market or grocery store because of fans’ presence, but now the scenario has changed to some extent. “I just don’t have to think about that stuff anymore, Now I can go in and chat to the guy who’s working there about his kids, or where he’s going on holiday…,” said Pattinson in an interview to NME.

Pattinson has been affected by the fame so much that now when things are quieter, he is struck by self doubts related to his fame and just to know about what fans are saying for him, he accepted googling about the same. As told by Pattinson, Vanity Fair revealed that all of his self doubts were the outcome of negative remarks by fans and even though he knows the way to ignore them, sometimes he finds completely unable to withdraw his attention from them.

Well, that time is over now and Pattinson is happy with his current life, love for FKA Twigs and present project “The Lost City of Z” of Brad Pitt with co-stars like Charlie Hunnam and Sienna Miller.

All that is just past now, so, Robert Pattinson just keep on moving ahead and don’t look back. We wish you all the very best for your future projects.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Robert Pattinson

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