Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Planning to Start A Family? Pattinson Missing the Wild Life With Kristen Stewart

By Jerone Cruz | 3 years ago
Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Planning to Start A Family? Pattinson Missing the Wild Life With Kristen Stewart
FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has been with FKA Twigs since last August 2014. After the heart-wrenching yet controversial break up with Kristen Stewart, he met Twigs, who back then was just an upcoming star, and everything changed.

In just a short span of time, Pattinson and Twigs decided that they wanted to get hitched. However, through their constant postponement of the wedding date, many started to speculate that their rush to enter the married life was more of a spur of the moment thing than anything else.

Rumors started to arise here and there questioning the convictions and motives of both the “Twilight” star and “Water Me” singer .

Twigs is said to be readying herself to breakup with her 27-year-old fiance given that her career in the music industry has started to skyrocket, in a recent report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

An inside source revealed that FKA Twigs’ plans are still in the works and that she’s waiting for her career to be stable enough to handle any backlash her action might ensue.

“[She] does not want to see her career take a nose dive, so she’s not ready to cut Robert Pattinson loose just yet,” as reported by Inquisitr.

On the other hand, recent rumors surrounding Pattinson state that the “Remember Me” actor is having second thoughts about the wedding with FKA Twigs because he allegedly misses his “wild life” with former costar Kristen Stewart.

“He can’t help miss all of the spur-of-the-moment things he used to do with Kristen,” a source said, as reported by Fashion N Style.

Despite the numerous allegation of wedding cancellation, a source close to the couple adamantly stated that the latest rumors are false. In fact, Pattinson and Twigs are already considering to become parents.

In an interview wherein Pattinson was asked if he has plans to become a father, he said, “Sure I will have a child who is totally cool and confident. He or she will probably look at me every day and think, ‘Why is this guy such a funny, quirky oddball?’,” as reported by ETOnline.

In a different interview, Twigs revealed that she recently opened up about the idea of motherhood. “I honestly didn’t give a s*** about any of this stuff until about two years ago” she stated and continued “I don’t know whether it’s my age, I’m going to be 28 in January, but all of a sudden I started thinking that if I had a daughter, it’s going to be terrifying,” as reported by Music-News.

Do you think that there is some truth to the alleged rumors? Are the talks about having children simply just a ruse? Tell us what you think by commenting below, we would love to hear about it.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Robert Pattinson

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