Robert Pattinson Happier Than Ever With FKA Twigs? Eagle Eyed Fans Detect Pattinson Despite Look

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Robert Pattinson Happier Than Ever With FKA Twigs? Eagle Eyed Fans Detect Pattinson Despite Look
Robert Pattinson is said to be happier with FKA Twigs than with Kristen Stewart.

Twilight” series actor Robert Pattinson was spotted walking the streets in Manchester Friday to visit his girlfriend “Two Weeks” singer FKA Twigs. How did they see him? Read on for more details.

Eagle-eyed fans still detected “Queen of the Stars” actor walking the streets despite distorting himself with an unkempt and fuzzy beard. He reportedly looked every inch of a hipster.

Pattinson sported a grey beanie, olive green bomber jacket, black T-shirt, turned-up black jeans and sneakers, and a pair of classic, round-framed, tortoise shell sunglasses, His mother Clare was also with him, wearing a more summer mood get-up.

Pattinson was reportedly visiting his girlfriend who will be performing at the Manchester International Festival. It was also said that his mom preferred the singer over “American Ultra” actress Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson Happier Than Ever

“It’s no secret that Pattinson’s sisters Lizzy and Victoria found it especially difficult to communicate with Kristen and build a relationship with her. However, Twigs is far more open and easy to get on with,” Daily Mail cited a source as saying.

Furthermore, the Pattinson sisters reportedly said that FKA Twigs brings out the best in him, saying that their brother has never been so at peace and happy.

“His sisters have never seen him happier. Both Lizzy and Victoria totally approve of FKA Twigs because they know how dedicated and committed she is to their brother. They love how easy going she is and how she really brings out the best in Rob – he’s never been so at peace and just blissful,” a source told

Pattinson previously brought FKA Twigs to his parents in Barnes, West London to spend Christmas with his family. And it was said that they liked Twigs despite of her wacky looks.

Though for Robert Pattinson’s family, FKA Twigs may not be as clean-cut, but she’s reportedly more fun than Kristen Stewart.

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Photo source: Facebook/The Twilight Saga.

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