Robert Pattinson Considers Inviting Kristen Stewart to Wedding with FKA Twigs, Wedding Cancellation Rumor Slammed?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Robert Pattinson Considers Inviting Kristen Stewart to Wedding with FKA Twigs, Wedding Cancellation Rumor Slammed?
Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs wedding cancellation is a lie?

A media publication debunked rumors recently about FKA Twigs forbidding Robert Pattinson from inviting Kristen Stewart to their wedding. Was this rumor a pure lie? Read on for more details.

It was previously reported that FKA Twigs was driving Robert Pattinson away because she wanted him to ban ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. And it was because of this that their wedding was called off as it was not a good way to start a marriage.

According to Gossip Cop, source close to the situation said that this tittle-tattle was stupid and wrong in every manner. The outlet went on to say that though it was not wrong to invite their exes to a person’s wedding. Pattinson, in the first place, was reportedly not interested in inviting Stewart to the wedding at all.

Furthermore, the media publication also debunked claims that the wedding was canceled. But are the two really planning to get married?

Robert Pattinson Seriously Thinking of Inviting Kristen Stewart to Wedding with FKA Twigs?

Although there was no official word coming from the couple, an alleged source told Grazia Magazine that the singer-dancer wanted to get married sooner than later. The “Two Weeks” singer reportedly wanted a wedding that was a “bangers and mash.”

“She’d like a low-key registry office ceremony, pub lunch and party with their friends. They’re talking about August,” the source said in a report by Mirror Online.

The source also went on to say that FKA Twigs was not inclined on wearing a traditional white wedding dress and that she wanted it to be “fun and a bit different.”

However, Pattinson’s parents don’t quite agree with her idea. The family reportedly said that they wanted to have the wedding happen at Salisbury Cathedral because they have close ties to it.

And as opposed to the rumor that Robert Pattinson was not interested in inviting Kristen Stewart, the online website cited a source who said that he was actually giving serious thought about inviting Stewart over. This was because of the common ground that the Pattinson and Stewart had, “Twilight.”

Well, nothing’s certain, though. Hence, readers should take all rumors with a grain of salt.

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Photo source: Facebook/“The Twilight Saga”

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