Robert Pattinson’s Mom Likes Kristen Stewart More Than FKA Twigs? Pattinson Family Prefers Stewart Than Twigs

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Robert Pattinson’s Mom Likes Kristen Stewart More Than FKA Twigs? Pattinson Family Prefers Stewart Than Twigs
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Robert Pattinson’s Mother likes Kristen Stewart more than FKA twigs?!

It has been years since the “Twilight”stars, Pattinson and Stewart ended their relationship due to the actress cheating scandal with her “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders, but it looks like gossip’s about them can’t stop popping out, and now, Pattinson’s mother is involved.

Rumors say that Claire Pattinson, mother of Robert, has been too attached to his son’s ex-girlfriend that it caused her having a hard time accepting her son’s engagement to FKA.

Though fans seem to like the issue, it’s quite the contrary.

In fact, according to the report of Daily Mail, Claire even supported FKA in one of her gigs in Manchester. The report also says that it looks like FKA earned another fan in the form of her future mother-in-law.

Other than mom Claire, Rob’s family also adores FKA twigs. According to sources, they never seen Robbert more in love and happier, not even with Stewart.  They love FKA’s easy going personality and how she brings out the best in him.

In addition, FKA is said to be very engaging with Robbert’s family and they feel like she has pure intentions and looks more interested in knowing them unlike Stewart, who’s very reserved and closed off.

But these proofs does not stop the speculations that Calire’s approval about his son and FKA’s relationship may have something to do with how well she liked and disliked her son’s ex-girlfriend, Stewart since it was reported that though they like FKA, they prefer Stewart more than her and unfortunately, they always compare every girl he’s dating to Stewart.

Some even claimed that Claire is just doing these “support” things because she wanted Pattinson – FKA wedding to finally happen to put an end to his son and Stewart‘s relationship issues and the actress’ constantly looming stigma.

So what’s the real deal between FKA twigs and Robert Pattinson’s family? Do they really like her or they really prefer Kristen Stewart?

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Photo Source: Facebook| Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

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