Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep

By admin | 6 years ago

The Company You KeepRobert Redford stars and directs The Company You Keep. In the movie, he is a former member of the Weather Underground who was part of a tragic bank robbery 30 years ago. Since then, he has been hiding and living as an activist lawyer in New York.

Then one of his former friends (Susan Sarandon) surrenders to the authority and his cover is blown. For the second time, he is on the run. He looks for other members of his group. They are also living under assumed identities. One (Richard Jenkins) is a professor. One (Julie Christie) is an unrepentant ideologue, with whom Redford’s character had a daughter but they abandoned her. The last one (Nick Nolte) is someone who hasn’t left the 1960s.

Everyone in The Company You Keep seemed noble, well except for Nick Nolte. They went to extremes in order to stop a war. The movie didn’t show how some members of the Weather Underground did what they done because of nihilistic rage that was also the reason of its end.

Redford made The Company You Keep as a look into one version of lost boomer dreams. Shia LeBeouf plays a crusading newspaper reporter. He tries his best to perk up his scenes. Redford plays his character with his usual hyper alert self. It made it hard to believe that he is a person who wanted to bring down the system.

The Company You Keep tackles the violent issues in a subdued manner but it is not the right one the movie required. Don’t expect much from this supposed thriller. While there is enough tension throughout the movie, some of the events are too farfetched. The circumstances are too unrealistic, especially Redford’s route as a refugee and LeBeouf’s hunt. Things just fall into place without any obstacle along the way.

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