Robert Zemeckis Makes It Clear That ‘Back To The Future’ 4 Is NEVER Going To Happen

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Robert Zemeckis Makes It Clear That ‘Back To The Future’ 4 Is NEVER Going To Happen
Back to the Future

“Back To The Future” isn’t happening in the near future… or even not at all! Robert Zemeckis, the director and co-writer of the hit ‘80s trilogy is against a reboot of the Universal movie. Read on for more details.

Zemeckis told Digital Spy that studio executives have been bombarding him about the reboot of “Back to the Future.” It only intensified when Universal’s “Jurassic World” became a $1 billion box office hit. He made it clear that it is not happening and even admitted that he enjoys turning them down because, for him, he doesn’t want to do a reboot at all.

“It’s making them insane that we don’t want to do another ‘Back to the Future,’,” Zemeckis said. His reason? He knows that a reboot would open big, but that’s all they care about.

However, this somehow contradicts their decision as Christopher Lloyd is reprising his role as Doc Brown for a short film, which will be released on the 30th anniversary Blu-ray set. Zebecks said that it’s all fine but made it clear once again that a reboot isn’t happening.

Zemeckis also said that one of the highlights of his career was “Back to the Future” and he just loved the audience that time. And that being said, it looks like he doesn’t want that memory tarnished or even replaced with new ones. There are clearly some movies that are not made for a reboot. It is also admirable that Zemeckis feels this way because he really values the trilogy so much that he wouldn’t let anyone touch it or turn it into an even futuristic movie just like the reboots that are happening these days.

Meanwhile, Zemeckis is busy promoting his latest film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt titled “The Walk.”

Photo source: Facebook/Back to the Future

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