Roberts Leaves GMA Early

By admin | 6 years ago

Robin Roberts, the co-host of Good Morning America, left the show earlier than what was expected. Roberts announced at the beginning of this week that on Friday she would be leaving the show prior to her extended planned medical leave. However, that date was moved up to Thursday said ABC.

The co-anchor of the top rated morning show said she had to move up her schedule, when she opened the show on Thursday morning. Roberts said that she was flying home to visit her ailing mother in Mississippi and her family that is located in the area that Hurricane Isaac was passing through.

Following a visit with her family, Roberts will receive treatment for her myelodysplastic syndrome. The condition is commonly referred to as MDS. She will also start preparing for a bone-marrow transplant. Her bone marrow donor will be her sister Sally.

Leading up to her farewell this week, the Good Morning America show has shared a number of stories of other people who are battling with MDS. Roberts said that it is very rare to suffer from MDS and hers was due to complications from her treatment for breast cancer. Five years ago, Roberts was treated for breast cancer.

Roberts added that she was incredibly blessed; as over 40% of all Americans are not even allowed a sick day and she can be assured that when she returns she has her job waiting for her.

Roberts promised her viewers on Thursday’s show as well as her colleagues that she would watch them while in her pajamas recovering.

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