Robin Williams Confirmed for Night at the Museum 3

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20th Century Fox is eager to work on another installment of ‘Night at the Museum’. The series starring Ben Stiller as a Museum guard who happens to discover that all exhibits come alive at night, has earned critical praise from viewers. Not to mention that it managed to score some impressive box-office numbers as well.

News on a third installment was confirmed earlier this year and will continue to star Ben Stiller as the lead character, with the return of series’ director Shawn Levy. Today we have confirmation of the return of Robin Williams who will reprise his role as Teddy, the museum exhibit for former President Theodore Roosevelt.

Director Levy also revealed that Night at the Museum 3 will take place in the British Museum, London. The first movie was set in New York’s American Museum of Natural History, while the second took place in the Smithsonian.

While information on the storyline has not been given, we can assume that the major exhibits from the first two films are somehow transferred to England. There’s also the possibility of the inclusion of new exhibits and it would be interesting to see which artifacts come to life in the sequel.

Night at the Museum 3 will begin filming in February of next year.

Source The Hollywood Reporter

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