“Robotech” Movie Being Developed; Andy Muschietti Eyed to Direct

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
“Robotech” Movie Being Developed; Andy Muschietti Eyed to Direct

A live-action adaptation of the sci-fi animated series franchise “Robotech” is back in development with the project eyeing “Mama” director Andy Muschietti to helm the project. Read on for more details on this story.

The “Robotech” live-action adaptation is now back in development, with Warner Brothers-based producers Hollywood Gang eyeing “Mama” director Andy Muschietti to helm the pic, according to the latest reports on Deadline.

Warner Bros. acquired the rights for the film back in 2007 but has failed several times into launching the potential series off the ground. With the project back on track, WB attaches “300” andG.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobrascribe, Michael Gordon, to write the screenplay. At one time, Tobey Maguire (“Spider-Man”) was going to produce and star in the film; and in 2013, it was even reported that Leonardo DiCaprio turned down Star Wars VII to pursue the lead in Robotech.

“Robotech” is a popular 80’s science fiction franchise that began with an 85-episode science fiction anime TV series produced by Harmony Gold USA in association with Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd. and was first released in the United States in 1985. The series was created by editing together separate anime series from Tatsunoko Studios: “Super Dimension Fortress: Macross,” “Genesis Climber Mospeada” and “Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross.”

Prior to the release of the TV series, the name “Robotech” was used by model kit manufacturer Revell on their Robotech Defenders line in the mid-1980s consisting of mecha model kits imported from Japan and featured in the said anime titles.

The 1985 show was set in 1999 and begins with a large alien spacecraft crash landing on Earth.
The humans analyze the wreckage and use the technology called Robotechnology. With this technology, Earth developed robotic technologies, such as transformable mecha, to fight three successive extraterrestrial invasions.

The 80’s TV show franchise was so successful that it spawned toys, video games, an animated film and even comic books.

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