Rock of Ages Brings 80s Kitsch to the Big Screen

By admin | 6 years ago

Rock of Ages is a shiny homage to 1980s rock n roll. It’s the time of Poison and Guns N’ Roses and other big-haired bands that defined that decade. The movie is based on the Tony-nominated Broadway show and directed by Adam Shankman, the same guy who also brought Hairspray to the big screen. Rock of Ages

If you like 80s glam music, then you’re the target market of Rock of the Ages. It features songs such as Skid Row’s I Remember You, Starship’s We Built this City, and the movie’s final number Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. There were also some songs included in the movie that didn’t even exist yet in the era, such as Extreme’s More Than Words.

If you want to have a nostalgic trip to the 80s then you definitely must watch Rock of the Ages. You’ll go back to the time of Aqua Net, wine coolers, and men with ponytails. The characters are all broad types, from the fresh newcomers who dream of making it big in the scene to cynical veterans who have already seen it all. The antics of the characters are watered down so that it can get a PG-13 rating. The movie has the energy to keep you entertained even with its long runtime.

Julianne Hough stars as Sherrie, a girl from Oklahoma who dreams of making it big as a singer in Los Angeles. But she ends up working as a waitress at the Bourbon Room, where she falls for aspiring rocker Drew, played by Diego Boneta.

Club owner (Alec Baldwin) and his assistant (Russell Brand) hope that a performance from rock god Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise) can keep the bar open and regain its status as the place to be. Stacee’s manager (Paul Giamatti) just wants to milk his client.

Rock of Ages is released by New Line Cinema and rated PG-13 due to suggestive dancing, sexual content, language, and heavy drinking.

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