Roger Federer’s Compared To F1 Legend Michael Schumacher; Competition Brewing Between Athletes?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Roger Federer’s Compared To F1 Legend Michael Schumacher; Competition Brewing Between Athletes?
roger federer compared to michael schumacher

Roger Federer’s greatness is now being compared to F1 legend, Michael Schumacher when it comes to giving attentions to every details in their respective sports.

Roger Federer is already 34-years-old and yet his ability to run like a well-oiled engine is one of a kind! This led fitness trainer Pierre Paganini to comment that Maestros’ ability to take care of his body is simply amazing to the point that he could actually be compared to none other than Formula One’s legend, Michael Schumacher.

In Yibada’s recent news about these athletes, the fitness trainer Paganini stated that Federer’s longevity in the sport would never be possible if did not know how to listen to his own body and to other people’s suggestions. Paganini praised the Swiss athlete’s dedication in his craft. He added that Federer is simply unbelievable—he knows when he should be serious about his trainings, he knows when to turn his beast mode and when to turn it off to take some time to refresh and breathe some air.

Paganini went on to compare the Swiss professional tennis player to the retired German racing driver by saying that Federer’s attention to minutest details and planning resembles how Schumacher carved out his legendary Formula One career—through  preparation and regular testing of his machines before the actual race.

In his interview in ESPN, Paganini said that it’s important that we have times when we work hard and also time when you rest and recovering. Adding that Federer has a great planning as he was able to see the difference between “what is important now and what is important in the long-term.”

According to Yibada, 46-year-old Schumacher is great in listening to his engine while Federer is great at feeling his body…that’s probably their secrets why they both have been so successful to their chosen crafts.

On the other hand, Roger Federer is set to have finals appearance at Wimbledon to compete with Novak Djokovic in yet another exciting championship match while Michael Schumacher, is reportedly showing signs of recovery after suffering from head injuries in a French Alps skiing accident two years ago.

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Photo Source: Facebook| Roger Federer

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