Rogue One Teasers: Death Star Revelation and New Character Details Revealed!

By Edson Kyle Encina | 1 year ago
Rogue One Teasers: Death Star Revelation and New Character Details Revealed!
Rogue One Star Wars

Star Wars’ official social media account has released some new Rogue One teasers.

Star Wars took to Twitter to unveil a series of photos as a promotion for the upcoming Rogue One film. The photos represented the film’s new characters along with a caption that gives a short description to each role.

According to ScreenCrush, there’s a specific detail on each character’s face that stands out. Upon further inspection of these newly teased photos, one can see an outline of the Death Star blueprint. The origins of the Death Star was teased in an earlier trailer. This time the blueprints are imprinted on the characters’ face. Here is the full Rogue One teaser set of the characters from Star Wars twitter.

Jyn ErsoA checkered past. A Greater Cause.

Jyn Erso

Cassian AndorAn intelligence officer for the Rebel Alliance. 


Chirrut ÎmweA warrior monk with faith in the Force.


Baze MalbusSoldier. Friend.


Bodhi RookFormer Imperial pilot who’s seen the light.


K-2SOReprogrammed to fight the Empire that made him.


Saw GerreraResolved to win the fight against the Empire.


Director Orson KrennicCruel. Brilliant. Obsessed.


These are all the teased characters on the photo set, the added character background is a sweet bonus. The set of new characters were teased before via a card app, but little information about them were given. Now the official Star Wars Twitter account gave a short but sweet sneak-peek about these characters.

It is known that K-2SO is an imperial robot reprogrammed by the rebel alliance to fight their cause. Also, Donnie Yen’s character Chirrut is a cool warrior monk with faith in “the force”.

The Death Star blueprint detail on the characters’ faces are a nice touch as well. A variety of Rogue One teasers have been revealed already since the initial announcement. Expect more promotion from the Star Wars team as we draw near Rogue One‘s Dec. 16 release date. Get ready Star Wars fans, Christmas will come early this year.

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