Roland Emmerich Says ‘Independence Day 2’ Will Never Get Made

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Recently, movie director Roland Emmerich (2012) says he has ideas for two Independence Day sequels, called ID4-ever: Part I and ID4-ever: Part II. He went on to state how the tale will pick up after the events in the first movie.

“It’s an alternate reality kind of movie,” he said. “Naturally, the alien technology has changed everything. Who WILL be president?” Emmerich emphasized “WILL,” hinted that Will Smith’s character will someone become president.

MTV News spoke with Bill Pullman, who played the president of the United States from the very first movie. The actor says the sequels will likely never ever get made.

“It would be a challenge, just creatively with the studio, how much money it would take to make it, whether Will [Smith[]|] would come and do it and what the story would be,” he said. “[Emmerich[]|] is one guy who may be able to pull it off. He doesn’t let it die. And people seem to want to hear that it’s gonna be done. There’s a twinkle in his eye when he talks about it.”

The original 1996 movie made $817 million worldwide on a $75 million spending budget.

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