Romance Rumors: Rachel McAdams And Taylor Kitsch Getting Busy With Each Other?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Romance Rumors: Rachel McAdams And Taylor Kitsch Getting Busy With Each Other?

Rachel McAdams may look busy with some “strange” new assignments, but the rumor mill is still spinning tales of her involvement with True Detective co-star Taylor Kitsch. Both, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch have denied the rumors which started doing rounds after McAdams was spotted while having dinner with Kitsch in West Hollywood after a busy day shooting.

Both Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch have denied dating each other, but the press can’t seem to forget the one time the two were spotted having dinner together at a café in west Hollywood. It looked like an innocent enough outing but there was talk of romantic touching and emotional content of the conversation.

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None of these details were verified by the stars, but insiders still insist that the two actors have a yen for each other. Apparently, McAdams talks about Kitsch all the time. But if the stars are really going to take up dating each other, the distance could pose a problem; McAdams never leaves California while Kitsch is crazy about the big bad Texas. The stars would obviously want to shy away from a long distance relationship anyway – they tend to fizzle out.

It’s the other rumors about McAdams that should get more attention from the press. The lady is apparently being considered by the Marvel Studios to star next to Benedict Cumberbatch in “Doctor Strange.”

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The lady was asked about her involvement when she was chatting up with the guys at “Den of Geek” and she coyly restrained herself from talking about it, indicating that it was too early to talk about such things. But if the buzz about the movie is anything to go by, the job is firmly in her kitty.

Taylor Kitsch is busy with projects of his own too and was recently in news for butting heads with seasoned veteran Vince Vaughn in the second season of “True Detective,” almost stealing the show. The actor has almost been finalized to play the lead in the American remake of the hit Indonesian martial arts film “The Raid.”

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