Romantic Movies and Their Cray-Cray Fan Theories

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Romantic Movies and Their Cray-Cray Fan Theories
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Whenever we see a romantic movie, we often think that the background story of the character or the plot itself is not only simple enough to follow but also untethered by the complexities of romantic relationships.

However, sometimes, it’s those fan theories that puts these movies into a new light when we watch them again. We not only bask in the glory of finding love while watching but also run some fan theory checking too.

We have a couple of romantic movies for you with some cray-cray fan theories that might provide you with a different angle and make you look at a different meaning of Valentine’s Day.

“The Breakfast Club”

One of the quintessential ’80s teen romance flicks. The seemingly harmless detention on a Saturday is not sitting well with some of the fans. Some have speculated that all the characters have died off-screen and that they are purgatory. Others have guessed that the janitor Carl is a spiritual guide providing guidance to these kids. The cherry on top is the theme song. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” seems like a dead kid’s plea to not be forgotten, right?

“13 Going On 30”

There’s a fan theory going around, and this one connects with one most loved nerdiest TV show, “Doctor Who.” The movie sure plays a lot of timey-wimey aspects with time travelling and all that, so it’s not that hard to imagine. And wouldn’t you want to have your TARDIS look like Jenna’s Doll Dream House?


Here’s another time travel theory that could potentially have changed history. Stay with us and hear this out. Jack is a time traveler. He was sent back to keep Rose alive. Fans have referenced Jack’s out-of-date hairstyle and casual mentions of things and places that happened after the Titanic sank. Others have also pointed out that if Rose wasn’t saved from jumping off the ship, it would’ve forced the ship’s crew to stop and search for her, preventing their ill-fated meeting with the killer iceberg, changing the course of events for the ship and everyone in it.

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There you have it for the romantic movies and their cray-cray fan theories. For more entertainment news, keep tabs on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Torfilm

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