The Most Romantic Rain Scenes That Will Make You Fall In Love Again

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
The Most Romantic Rain Scenes That Will Make You Fall In Love Again

Romantic rain scenes–because romance and rain are quite parallel to each other, if not in reality, then definitely in the movies. Directors have used the formula of rain and romance for quite a while now… We could all agree that nothing could be more loving than proposing or making a revelation in the rain.  Here, we present you a with list of few movies, just have a look and choose your favourite one.


  •  “Dear John”

“Dear John” is based on the novel of one of the most renowned authors of the Romantic genre, Nicholas Sparks. Although the whole of the movie is just so romantic, that it’s hard to choose one scene but Channing Tatum playing the role of John makes you fall in love with him when he talks to college student Savannah Lynn Curtis (Amanda Seyfried), with rain pouring from the sky. They share their first kiss in the rain.


  • “Sweet Home Alabama”

This 2002 release beautifully portrays the marriage proposal by Melanie (Reese Witherspoon), complete with thunder in the sky. Well, who would just say no to such  a romantic proposal anyhow.


  • “Say Anything”

Whether it’s story or the actors, the whole movie is unforgettable in itself.  Girls would have wished for such a boyfriend who would do anything for them: from winning the girl’s heart over the objections of her overprotective father before she leaves for a scholarship in England. The rains adds more charm to the innocence and pure love of John Cusack.


  • “Spider Man”

Superhero saves the city from crimes and evil but loses when it comes to love. The 2002 release “Spider-Man”gained lots of appreciation, but who could forget the romantic rain scene where Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) kisses the mysterious masked hero?


  • “Match Point”

It’s not always necessary that every love story would have a happy ending but we can assure of a happy start. Who could forget Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s “Match Point”, where he follows up Scarlett in the rain, seducing her to get her attention.


  • “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”

The off-screen couple is definitely very ideal but the rain and romance together, made it memorable for audiences and fans in “Mr and Mrs. Smith”.


  •  “The Notebook”

Last but not the least, the movie that will always top the favorite of romantic movie lovers. Yes, you got it right. It’s none other than “The Notebook” based on Nicholas Spark’s novel of the same name.”The Notebook” will always be listed to have one of the most unforgettable romantic rain scenes!

Anything we forgot to mention? Let us know about your favorite romantic rain scenes!


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