Rome Film Festival Screens First Season of ‘The Knick’

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Rome Film Festival Screens First Season of ‘The Knick’
Clive Owen at the “Children of Men” premiere in Mexico City. November 23, 2006. Wikimedia Commons/David de la Luz.

The Knick,” Cinemax’s medical drama show that is set in the 1900s, will be screened outside of the United States. This is part of the network’s rebranding and push to gain more audience. Read on for more to this news story.

The period drama series from Cinemax starring Clive Owen, “The Knick,” will run its entire first season at the Rome Film Festival on Oct. 17 and 18. The show, which was created and directed by Steven Soderbergh, has been widely acclaimed by critics as a different type of medical drama. Owen, who plays the genius Dr. John Thackery, will be with the audience in this festival to introduce first season, which has ten episodes.

In choosing to showcase “The Knick,” festival artistic director Marco Mueller said that the series proves how television is now a good medium for presenting “great contemporary film-novel” projects.

“And while films at the movies continue to be novellas, or serially-produced comic books, quality television is now capable of both fostering and producing a sort of film narrative that breaks conventional formats, and can sometimes be as long and eloquent as a novel,” said Mueller, as published on The Hollywood Reporter.

“The Knick” is a story about a group of doctors, nurses and staff at the Knickerbocker Hospital, a facility in New York in the 1900s. Thackery is one of its most respected doctors, whose ideas and solutions to many medical cases are, at that time, considered unorthodox, and yet these solutions are also the most effective and groundbreaking.

The show not only tackles on issues relating to health, sickness and hospital operations in general, but it also addresses themes relating to sex, class and race. Then of course, there’s also Thackery’s complex character, whose addiction to cocaine and opium is one that brings more layers and depth to the drama.

Coupled with a particular style of direction and vision, “The Knick” has been hailed by critics as a stylish and bold series. The show started airing on Cinemax in the U.S. last Aug. 8, and will also return for another 10-episode run for its second season in 2015.

Catch the broadcast of “The Knick” every Fridays at 10:00 p.m. on Cinemax, with encores throughout the week. Keep checking back to Movie News Guide (MG) for updates and recaps about this series.

Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons/David De La Luz

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