Romney Begins to fight for Hispanic Votes

By admin | 6 years ago

Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate is launching his latest appeal to Latino voters. However, the ex-Governor of Massachusetts has a huge disadvantage against President Obama, as the president holds a significant lead over Romney in this key voting bloc.

Romney will give a speech on Wednesday in Washington to a group of small business owners who are Hispanic. He is expected to stress that a healthy economy in the U.S. is the most important issue for Hispanic voters to be concerned with in November’s presidential election and that he is the one that can make the best improvement to the still sluggish economy.

However, it is still unknown whether just that argument is enough to take away Hispanic voters from Obama. Several key battleground states will be won or lost with the Hispanic vote, as Hispanics are now the largest minority bloc in the U.S.

Romney and his campaign staff know he has a disadvantage appealing to the Hispanic voters after he was forced during the Republican primaries to take a stance toward the right on immigration issues.

The problem that Romney has is there is not much time to try to swing such a large group of voters in his favor. He just this week released his first television ad directed at the Spanish language audience. Obama has had ads on Spanish speaking television since April 17 in Florida, Colorado and Nevada. The president has already spent over $1 million on those television ads.

In addition, Romney has not yet softened his stance on his idea of self-deportation, as a form of immigration reform.


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