Romney Gains Momentum in two key states

By admin | 7 years ago

Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger for the White House had gained significant ground in two key states against President Barack Obama. Obama, on the other hand, has increased his lead in one key state.

The presumptive nominee for the Republican Party is presently ahead of Obama in Florida, by one percentage point 44 to 43. Just five weeks ago, a poll was taken in Florida and Obama had a seven-point margin in his favor in the key swing state.

In Ohio, another key swing state, which is a must to carry for a Republican to be elected to the White House, Obama was ahead by six percentage points only weeks ago and that has been reduced to just two points. It has now been labeled to close to call, since it has fallen to within the plus or minus margin of error in the poll.

Good news for Obama was that he now holds an eight-point lead in the swing state of Pennsylvania. In 2008, he carried the state with an 11-point advantage. Just last March, Obama’s lead was only three points.

The November election is just six months from taking place and focus has now been intensified on 12 states that election experts say could decide the election’s outcome. Included are Michigan, Colorado, New Hampshire, Virginia, Nevada and North Carolina.

Voters in both Ohio and Florida say the ex-Governor of Massachusetts would do a better job at running the economic issues at the White House because of his successful business background.

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