Romney Has a Running Mate

By admin | 6 years ago

Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, announced on Saturday had had chosen Paul Ryan a Congressman from Wisconsin as his running mate. Romney’s choice for his vice president will bring the debate of reducing government spending and the deficit to the forefront of the race for the presidency.

Ryan is the Chairman of the Budget Committee in the House of Representatives and was announced as Romney’s running mate at the USS Wisconsin, a retired battleship, coincidentally named for the home state of Ryan.

Romney said Ryan brings leadership that has values and character, and he works in the nation’s capital but his roots are still in Wisconsin. Ryan, 42 has become one of the intellectual leaders in the Republican Party, said Romney. He stressed that their remaining campaign would focus how to create jobs, protect Social Security and Medicare and repeal Obama’s health care law.

Ryan’s announcement ended a search that has taken Romney months. His choice of Ryan is bold and comes after recent polls show Romney was falling behind Obama in the still very close race. Romney’s campaign thus far has focused primarily on the weak economy in the U.S.

Ryan’s selection also brings some youthful energy and exuberance to the campaign as the Party gets prepared for the National Convention later this month in Tampa, Florida. The convention will formally nominate Romney as the Republican candidate for the presidency and take the presumptive tag off his name.

Many of the conservative leaders in the party had hoped he would take Ryan over the other reliable yet not too inspiring figures like Tim Palwenty and Rob Portman. Ryan is liked by the Tea Party, a small government movement that is anti-tax and helped the Republicans take control in 2010 of the House of Representatives.

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