Romney Has Fellow Republicans Upset with His Comments

By admin | 6 years ago

Political friends of Mitt Romney are quickly becoming fewer following the presidential election, as senior figures in the party disagree with Romney’s analysis of why the election was lost.

Earlier in the week, Romney claimed that President Barack Obama was reelected because he handed out gifts to minority groups. That has caused colleagues in the Republican Party to cry foul and protest Romney’s comments, including some backers who were steadfastly for the former governor of Massachusetts.

The latest protests from Republicans come as the party searches for ways to broaden party support and win future elections. Election night results completely stunned Romney as he was expecting to be elected to the White House.

Last week, during a call with donators to his campaign, Romney said his defeat was due to President Obama targeting African Americans, Hispanics and young voters with generous gifts that convinced them to vote for him.

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, a Republican, said the comments from Romney have set the party back because they did not recognize the need to ask voters how their vote could be won.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey considered a possible running mate for Romney, before Romney decided on Paul Ryan, commented that he was not in favor of scapegoating, which was happening following the election. He understood Romney might be upset and disappointed due to the loss, but said that Romney could not be everyone’s leader and be divisible.

Bobby Jindall, the Louisiana Governor was supportive of Romney during the campaign but completely disagreed with Romney’s conclusion about why he was defeated.

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