Romney Says a Change is in the Making

By admin | 6 years ago

Mitt Romney started the final two plus months of his presidential campaign with more focus than ever before on the economy, jobs and depicting current President Barack Obama as inept at being the president.

Romney received a great lift from the Republican delegates attending this week’s national convention, as he officially accepted the nomination last night in Tampa. He said that the people of America have been patient and in good faith have supported the current president, but today we are here to turn the page.

On Friday, Ann Romney appeared on talk shows promoting her husband as the right choice to correct the problem economy and said women would be won over by Romney’s knowledge of the economy and would vote Republican.

Next week the Democrats will hold their national convention in North Carolina and the president planned today to visit a military base in Texas two years to the date of declaring an end to the combat mission for U.S. troops in Iraq. That war haunts Republicans.

Obama’s campaign also criticized Romney for not being more up front with U.S. voters about the plans for his economic policy that Obama says would help reduce taxes for the rich and create more burdens on the country’s middle class.

Romney ended the high-energy convention with a very personal and spirited speech that was infused with information about his family life, his Mormon faith and his youth. He received frequent and loud cheers from his delegates.

Polls show that the election could go down to the wire, with both candidates spending the next two and a half months in the most important and competitive states including Ohio and Florida. The campaigns will be capped off by debates between the two candidates on national television.

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