Romney Says Obama has taken apart Welfare

By admin | 6 years ago

Mitt Romney the Republican candidate for the presidency is attempting to portray President Obama as a liberal who supports big government, accusing him of taking apart welfare reform. Democrats have started to renew efforts to portray Romney as a businessman who is just profit-driven.

Romney’s campaign released on Tuesday a new ad for television that bashes Obama for eliminating the work requirements from the regulation of the federal welfare program, a key part of the 1996 welfare reform put in place by President Clinton. The ad says that Obama just wants to hand welfare checks out, while Romney says he would restore the requirement if he were elected president.

The Obama administration said the President’s decision to change the requirements last month gives flexibility to the states that have been asking for it to make the program even more efficient. Romney was one of many Republican governors in 2005 that signed a letter asking for additional waiver authorities.

The former governor’s campaign sees the move by Obama as a way to argue that the current president is a liberal who thinks the poor should have a free pass at the middle class’ expense.

Romney’s director of policy says that the policies put forth by Obama will take the country backward to liberalism of an era that has passed where bigger government checks and programs answered every problem and the agenda did not include accountability.

The push against welfare by Romney is also attempting to place a wedge between former President Clinton and current President Obama. Clinton of recent has taken a big role in the re-election bid of Obama.

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