Romney Slammed By Rivera

By admin | 6 years ago

Florida Representative David Rivera, a Republican, a prominent power broker in Miami and Hispanic has accused fellow Republican Mitt Romney, the presumptive presidential nominee of lacking compassion and leadership towards immigration. He warned Romney that other members of the Republican Party in Florida would not engage with Romney unless Romney provides a more detailed, expansive plan for immigration.

Rivera represents Florida’s southwestern tip and is the only Hispanic Republican from the House who is not on the Hispanic Steering Committee of Romney. He has been kept at arm’s length by Romney because of investigations that have been made over his personal finances. Rivera introduced new legislation recently that gives amnesty to a certain number of immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as young children. Rivera said he has not seen any satisfying or serious proposals about immigration from Romney.

Rivera believes that Hispanic voters want more details about Romney’s “permanent solution” that the former Massachusetts governor has been talking about. Rivera also believes that Romney cannot bypass immigration by just focusing on high unemployment amongst Hispanics, as it appears his campaign is trying to do. On everyone’s mind is the difficult economy, but each group of voters has issues that are important to them. He said gun owners want to know about gun rights and Evangelicals want to hear about pro-life.

The Florida Representative says Romney fears tough politics and that is seen through his inability to articulate a comprehensive reform for immigration. Rivera says voters need to see all of Romney’s proposals so they can judge for themselves on the merits of each one. Otherwise voters will not know exactly where Romney stands on certain issues and might be tempted to vote for President Obama.

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