Romney slower than Obama in Hunt for Hispanic Vote

By admin | 6 years ago

This year’s presidential election will include an epic battle to win the Hispanic vote. However, at this time in the election, the battle is one-sided as President Barack Obama has a huge lead in that category.

President Obama has invested over the past five weeks $1 million on ads for Spanish Language TV and radio. The ads are being run in three key states that have a growing population of Hispanic voters. Those states include Nevada, Colorado and Florida. The ad spots star community leaders from the Hispanic community speaking about how the president’s education and health reforms have affected them in a positive way.

Mitt Romney on the other hand has only spent $13,000 on Spanish language media. He launched his first Spanish ad last week in Raleigh, North Carolina with only $3,000 in airtime. North Carolina is a known battleground state, but has a relatively small Hispanic population. He spent another $10,000 on airtime this week said media trackers.

One Democratic strategist said it was dangerous for Romney to spend such little in the Spanish language market. Obama plans to expand his advertising in Spanish to other states and will keep them airing until the election in November.

One big difference in the advertising is that Obama gears his advertising in Spanish directly to the Hispanic audience with issues that concern them and with people starring in them who are recognizable. Romney’s Spanish speaking ads are the same as his English ads only translated to Spanish.

The biggest difference between the two is the breadth and tone of their first Spanish language ads. The latest poll shows Obama with a 34% lead amongst Hispanic voters.

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