Romney Testimony in Divorce Proceedings could be Unsealed

By admin | 6 years ago

In what some have called the surprise of October, Gloria Allred a celebrity feminist attorney entered a Norfolk court on Wednesday to support the unsealing of testimony given by Mitt Romney the Republican presidential nominee in divorce proceedings that took place in 1987 between one of his best friends and the man’s estranged wife.

Allred told a group of reporters on the steps of the court that she believes the public has the right to find out what Mitt Romney said in his testimony. The attorney arrived at the court with Maureen Stemberg Sullivan, Thomas Stemberg the co-founder of Staples’ ex-wife.

Sullivan and Stemberg experienced a very nasty divorce that included disputes over their finances that went on for over 10 years before finally being finalized. Since 1989, the court documents in the case have been impounded. Staples was started in 1986 with the help of Bain Capital, the private equity firm owned by Romney.

Stemberg now is the managing general partner at Highland Capital in Lexington. A representative for Stemberg said that Stemberg could not comment on the pending the case due to a gag order that has been longstanding related to the case.

The presidential campaign for Romney did not make any comment. Romney is represented in the hearing by Robert Jones his attorney.

Bain Capital was one of Staples’ early investors and Romney was on the board of directors of the company for several years. Romney has often times cited Staples as a private sector success. Last summer, Stemberg made a speech during the Republican National Convention. He said that Romney never thought of Staples as just a financial investment, but saw its potential for prosperity.

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