Ron Howard Turns Down Superhero Movie ‘The Phantom Menace:’ Reason Revealed!

By SURABHI VERMA | 2 years ago
Ron Howard Turns Down Superhero Movie ‘The Phantom Menace:’ Reason Revealed!

American film director, producer and actor Ronald William “Ron” Howard has a vast career in the industry. He has many acclaimed directions to his names, including romantic comedies, mysteries, period pieces, and a Dr. Seuss adaptation. However, there is something quite interesting about him if we talk about his career choices as a director. Till date, there has been no major superhero film to his name. Do you know why?

He says,“ I had opportunities over the years (to make superhero movies), I really feel like you shouldn’t make a movie as a kind of exercise.” According to him, superhero like stuff has never ever interested him actually. Opening up his heart in an interview with Slash Film, he insisted on the fact that he never chooses the one for himself. He believes that a superhero movie is more like copying something and has nothing original.


Ron Howard explained that he would rather not be interested to be a part of such a film and follow a tight schedule on the movie sets. When asked about if he like watching superheroes, he said yes and exclaimed that watching them is a delight particularly the origin series. The director has been recently promoting his latest film “In the Heart of the Sea.”

Meanwhile, on a happy and sometimes sad note, he also discussed some of his good and bad choices. He also took his own time to mention an important piece of information regarding “The Phantom Menace.” He discussed that the responsibility of the movie’s direction was offered to him by George Lucas and he ultimately made a decision not to go for it. Surprising!!

Talking about his latest movie, Howard revealed that the movie incorporates many contemporary and subtle themes. It has been a huge surprise to him as he read the script. His whole idea has been to present the film in a modern style. Well! It will be quite interesting for the fans to see what actually n Ron Howard’s new work will reveal.

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