Ron Perlman Says He Is Obligated To Do ‘Hellboy 3’

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Ron Perlman Says He Is Obligated To Do ‘Hellboy 3’
Hellboy 3

Ron Perlman has been drawn into something that is dragging him down. He wants to give up on “Hellboy 3,” but a part of him is obligated to do “Hellboy 3.”

Movie Web website reports that Ron Perlman is fighting off the urge to quit on “Hellboy 3.” While it is obvious that he was the man who started the buzz on “Hellboy 3,” he is getting tired of being the only man to rally round for the sequel. He also believes that the story needs closure and therefore, needs to be done.

Guillermo Del Toro’s first two installments of the comic book franchise were considered moderately successful, but Columbia Pictures who produced the first Installment of the series and Universal Pictures, which produced the second installment of the series, are not interested in producing a third movie. “Hellboy I” grossed $ 100 million on the box office and “Hellboy II” also grossed $160 million on a 85 million dollar budget. But the studios still see the third part as a risky investment, because the studios had to spend tons of money on publicity and marketing. When the money spent on publicity was added to the production cost, the movies barely managed to break even, sources close to the production team revealed.

It looks like Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman are the only people in the world who are pushing the production houses to look into making a third installment of the “Hellboy” series, but it isn’t so. Legions of fans have asked about it time and again and some even talked about crowd funding the venture, should the production houses refuse to do so. Ron Perlman seems to be losing enthusiasm for the venture, now that he has tried to get the production houses interested. He recently said, “Let me make the record clear. I don’t want to do Hellboy 3. It’s a pain in the ass to put that makeup on and take it off. But I feel we’re obligated to finish the story. That’s it. End of conversation.”

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