‘Ronda Rousey’ expresses interest for the role of ‘Carol Danvers’ in Marvel’s Phase Three

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Ronda Rousey’ expresses interest for the role of ‘Carol Danvers’ in Marvel’s Phase Three
Ronda Rousey wishes to play the part of Carol Danvers as she is full of agility and has been trained well in the United States Air Force.

There have been a lot of different Marvel movies that have come out and all feature a different superhero. The Marvel Universe,  just like DC Extended Universe is full of heroes and fans expect to watch real life movies of all of those. The Marvel’s Phase Three slate of film has nearly casted all the roles except for “Carol Danvers”, also known as “Captain Marvel”. This character”s solo film will come out in 2018 but Marvel is trying to find the right woman to play this character.

According to Ooyuz.com, ample amount of women have expressed their interest in playing the part of Carol Danvers but Ronda Rousey”s name turned out to be the latest one. Did her name ring a bell? She”s the famous UFC fighter who happens to be very popular amongst women.

She expressed her interest in a Reddit RMA where she was asked the choice of her character in every movie. She replied that she hadn’t thought much but she wished to play the role of “Carol Danvers”, who she referred to as “Miss Marvel”, reports Cinema Blend.

Amazingly, Rousey will be completely apt for the character as she is strong, powerful and authoritative. She is trained in martial arts and this will give her an edge to perform the fight scenes with agility and precision. She would also not be in favor of hiring a stunt double, as she is trained in The United States Air Force and can take up risks.

We vouch for this woman as she is the winner of a “Bronze Medal in Judo at the 2008 Summer Olympics”, currently “UFC Women”s Bantamweight Champion” and a “winner of ESPY 2015 Best Fighter Award”. She’s a champion and a winner and is Miss Marvel in real life, if not for the movie role. Though Rousey has appeared in “Entourage”, “Furious 7” and “Expendables”, she can still audition and try for the role of Carol.

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