Rondo Pays For Bumping Referee

By admin | 6 years ago

Rajon Rondo the point guard that makes the Boston Celtics offense click, has been suspended by the NBA for one game. In Sunday night’s loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Rondo was assessed two technical fouls, the second one for allegedly bumping Marc Davis the referee. Rondo led the Celtics in assists with nearly 12 per game this season and was the team’s fifth high scorer.

David Stern, the NBA Commissioner, was quick with his punishment for Rondo, as early Monday morning he announced the one game suspension. Stern said it was obvious that Rondo had bumped the referee and that the rules are very implicit that no one touches a referee. The play that touched off the incident occurred with only 41 seconds left on the game clock. Rondo screamed at a foul call that Davis made and he was immediately hit with the first technical. While Rondo said he was walking behind Davis, he said Davis stopped short and that is why he ran into the back of him, causing Davis to give him the second technical.

The Celtics will now have to play game two of the quarterfinal series on Tuesday night without Rondo in the lineup. Boston is down one game and will be in a two game hole heading back to Boston if they cannot pull this game out. Ray Allen, their 36-year old veteran guard will also sit out game two due to a nagging ankle injury. Veterans Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will try to come back with better overall games than they had in the first game. Pierce, who led the team in scoring this season, only scored 14, while Garnett scored 20 but was outplayed for much of the game by Josh Smith from Atlanta.


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