Rookie Blue Recap: 74 Epiphanies

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Rookie Blue Recap: 74 Epiphanies
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“Rookie Blue” Season 6 Episode 11 “74 Epiphanies” aired last Wednesday, July 29, 2015  at 9:00 PM on Global. In the season finale, the road to Officer Andy McNally’s (Missy Peregrym) and Sam Swarek’s (Ben Bass) wedding was fraught with anxiety and worry, as two cases, and other problems came up, which threatened to delay the wedding. At the end, Andy and her friends discovered their fates at the fifteenth division. Read on to learn more about the season finale.

The episode began with Officer Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) trying to wake Detective Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) up, and with her reminding him of who would pick each of them up for their wedding which was going to happen later that day.

However, at the fifteenth division, it seemed like Andy’s maid of honor, Detective Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma) couldn’t pull herself away from work as Inspector Jarvis (Oliver Becker) told her that she and Officer Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan) couldn’t leave without a theory regarding the murder of Lindsey McConnell, who was found dead on the floor with a hammer beside her, which they were working on with Detective Frankie Anderson (Katharine Isabelle). Because of this, Officer Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith) and Officer Chris Diaz (Travis Milne) offered to pick up the flowers and ribbons for the wedding and reception; while Officer Chloe Price (Priscilla Faia) volunteered to make the slide show for Traci. However, as soon as Chris and Dov got back, they were met by Jay Swarek, Sam’s father, who was out of prison on “special parole” for the wedding. He then insisted that they stop by a friend’s house to get a wedding present, and thanks to Officer Duncan Moore (Matthew Owen Murray), they realized that he had broken into an old criminal associate’s house. He then told them that he had stolen back Sam’s watch, as he wanted to give it to him for his wedding day.

Back at Andy’s and Sam’s, Officer Nick Collins (Peter Mooney) swung by to say goodbye to Andy as he was leaving for Vancouver to be with Officer Juliet Ward (Erin Karpluk). He then sewed Andy’s wedding dress after it ripped, and gave her his sunglasses. Andy then decided to drive herself to the church as her driver couldn’t make it, and ended up allowing a young woman named Starr to hitch hike in Sam’s truck as Starr had flagged her down in the middle of the road. However, after noticing blood on her Starr’s hand, and after hearing her story, Andy realized that Starr might have something to do with the red convertible that was blocking the road a couple of miles back. Upon going back, she discovered that Starr (Abigail Winter) had stabbed the man in the car, named Angus. However, Starr left Andy as she drove away in Sam’s truck. To make matters worse, Andy’s cellphone was dying, and she had no charger. Angus also didn’t have a phone and car keys as Starr had stolen it. It turned out that he had rented the red car to surprise his girlfriend as they were going to have a weekend getaway at a nearby cabin, as he cherished every little “epiphany” he had about her.

After an unsuccessful call to Duncan, Andy tried to flag down a car going along the highway to get help.

Back at the fifteenth division, Chloe realized that the victim in Traci’s case had been cooking Piri-Piri Chicken, and had used the hammer to pound the knife into the chicken which was hard and frozen. Upon returning the knife to the basement, the victim had slipped and fell, which caused her death. Traci then decided to bring Frankie as her plus one for Gail.

Meanwhile, at the church, Sam was annoyed that his father came, and he tried to refuse the watch. However, while waiting for Andy, they managed to talk a little.

Andy, in the meantime, got the surprise of her life as Duncan, after her phone call to him, had tracked down Sam’s truck, and drove to her location. They then called an ambulance for Angus, and Andy finally got to talk to Sam. They then decided to have the wedding after the funeral at the church that was taking place, and was driven to church by Duncan, who ended up attending both the wedding and the reception.

After a beautiful ceremony and reception, in which Chloe caught the bouquet, Duncan told Andy that he was being transferred and thanked her for everything.

Later, Gail and Frankie ended up hooking up.

The next day, Dov discovered that he was now a detective in training, and the rest of the gang discovered that they were still in the same platoon, and that they were going to be training a new set of rookies. For that day though, they were going to all report to Traci, who was now the new head of Guns and Gangs. They also discovered that Oliver Shaw (Matt Gordon) was no longer an officer as he had taken back his old position as Staff Sergeant.

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