Rookie Blue Recap: A Real Gentlman

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Rookie Blue Recap: A Real Gentlman
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Rookie Blue” Season 6 Episode 5 or Season 5 Episode 16 “A Real Gentleman” aired on Global at 9:00 p.m. on June 18, 2015 on Global. In this episode, the entire division worked against time in order to find Detective Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma) after she went missing on the day of the biggest raid in her career. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At a local coffee shop, Detective Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma) thanked Detective Steve Peck (Adam MacDonald) for the necklace he had given her. He tried to get her to relax as she was nervous about the raid that was going to go down in order to arrest Thom Kozik (Daniel Kash). He is a gun dealer getting a new shipment that day, as she was going to coordinate everything.

However, before she herself could gear up, she received a message from her son’s school, as he was sick. However, upon arriving there, she discovered that Leo Nash (Drew Davis) wasn’t sick and that the school hadn’t left that message. She was then abducted after she entered her car.

Meanwhile, the team had to go on with the raid without Traci. They all became increasingly worried after discovering that she wasn’t picking up her phone at all and that the message regarding Leo hadn’t been sent by the school.

While Officer Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) and Officer Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan) went to the school, Detective Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) interrogated Kozik, who later got punched after provoking Steve, which caused Staff Sergeant Oliver Shaw (Matt Gordon) to bench him.

After discovering Traci’s car in the parking lot, Andy and Gail realized that Traci had been abducted by the serial rapist they had failed to arrest at the beginning of the season, as he had left behind a bouquet of yellow lilies and a card that fit his modus operandi. Because of this, they called in Detective Inez Capello (Alex Castillo) from the Sex Crimes Department. He told them that they had one suspect in mind- Adrian Locke. Later, Officer Chris Diaz (Travis Milne) discovered that Adrian had called in sick at his workplace. They then raided his home and took him in for questioning.

While this happened, Officer Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith) and Gail distracted Leo by driving around with him in Dov’s car.

At the station, Andy swore that Adrian was the guy who had attacked her, but Adrian denied ever knowing her or Traci.

Meanwhile, Traci’s captor came in before she could loosen her bonds, as she had been tied to a chair. Her captor then took a video of her on his phone and asked about Steve after touching her necklace. She then realized that her abductor was Corey Sleeman (Will Bowes). She then realized, as he kept on texting someone, that he only watched and planted the flowers while a partner of his did everything else. She then got him riled up by telling him that the police might have his partner in custody. It led him to untie her so that he could begin things by himself. She then attacked him, who swiped at her with a knife and managed to lock herself inside another room, while Corey tried to coax her to come out.

Meanwhile, at the station, Officer Julia Ward (Erin Karpluk) managed to get into the deep web, and discovered that Adrian’s partner was Corey. They then managed to get him just as he had gotten into the room where Traci was hiding in. Afterwards, Steve and then Andy comforted her. She was then reunited with her son, and Dov told Gail that she might just might a great mom to little Sophie.

They were then able to arrest both Adrian and Corey after retrieving the videos of the other attacks and the other girls whom they had attacked on Corey’s hard drive.

Later that night, Chris was surprised to see Jamie Toth (Cindy Sampson) inside his apartment with some cocaine on hand.

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