Rookie Blue Recap: Everlasting

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Rookie Blue Recap: Everlasting
Missy Peregrym, June 28, 2008, Wizard World Comic Book Convention, photo by Adam Bielawski

“Rookie Blue” Season 5 Finale Episode 11 “Everlasting” aired on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on Global TV. The 15th Division pulled all the resources they had as they continued to hunt for Ted McDonald, the bomber who almost injured several people, killed a man and attempted to blow up Officer Duncan Moore. This also meant additional resources, as Marlo Cruz (Rachael Ancheril), Detetective Sam Swarek’s (Ben Bass) ex-girlfriend from Intelligence, stepped in to lend a hand. However, capturing him led to more questions, and time was wasted as the officers and detectives raced against time to locate the next few bombs he would be letting loose. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode picked up right from where Episode 10 “Fragments” left off. The next morning, Officer Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) brought coffee to Detective Sam Swarek who had pulled all-nighter in order to gain some insight into bomber Ted McDonald. However, he already had a cup, as Marlo Cruz from Intelligence, who was helping out on the case, had given him one. Andy, knowing that Marlo was Sam’s ex-girlfriend, felt uneasy. However, Sam reassured her that she had nothing to worry about.

As Sam sorted out Ted’s documents, old bank bills and court transcripts, in order to get a clearer picture of the man, Officer Chris Diaz (Trevor Milne), back from his stint at rehab, decided to lend a helping hand by starting to look over the documents for Sam.

Back at the station, Andy ran into colleague and friend, Officer Chloe Price (Priscilla Faia), who was crying. It turned out that Officer Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith) had broken off their relationship due to the fact that she had deleted her body video camera footage which showed her ex-husband kissing her after they signed their divorce papers. Chloe’s hopes of winning him back were dashed to the ground once again as Andy informed her that the Commissioner’s Gala, where she had hoped to win back Dov, was cancelled.

Detective Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma), Staff Sergeant Oliver Shaw (Matt Gordon), Officer Duncan Moore (Matthew Owen Murray) and his stepfather, Police Commissioner Santana, listened to the telephone call — the initial tip that brought Duncan to Ted’s house. Traci had tried to trace the call, but as it was a blocked caller, she decided to trace it through the phone provider instead. The Police Commissioner then insisted that a security detail be assigned to them for protection and specifically requested for Officer Nick Collins (Peter Mooney), who had saved Duncan’s life by disarming the bomb he was wired to.

While they waited in the car, Officer Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan) asked Nick if he could be her reference for the adoption of Sophie. However, she did not reveal what it was for. As Nick opened his door to pick up Gail’s litter, he bumped into the girl who had paid for his toothbrushes in the convenience store when he dropped the brother and sister off at the foster home in Episode 9 “Moving Day.” However, he was not successful in getting her number.

At the station, Chris informed Sam of what he had found after reading Ted’s notes on the court transcripts. According to Ted, the entire trial had been fixed, and the judge, Judge Sullivan, had thrown out the case, thus not allowing the true culprits, the Irish mob, to be brought to justice. At the same time, Andy, Dov, and Marlo realized that Ted had a habit of staking out his intended targets. After Sam inquired whether the judge had appeared in any of Ted’s movements, they realized that she was going to be the next victim. However, the judge could not be contacted as she was getting married that particular day. Oliver, frustrated of being cooped up in the police station, decided to accompany Andy in the patrol car. There, they discovered a bomb with a timer rigged to the car that the judge’s daughter and nanny were riding.

Marlo tracked down Ted’s movements to the cemetery where his 12-year-old son was buried, and they wasted no time in sending Andy and Oliver to bring him.

At the precinct, on the other side of the glass in the interrogation room, Detective Steve Peck (Adam MacDonald) approached Traci, who was waiting for the interrogation to begin and offered his support, if ever she needed it. He also admitted that he missed her.

During the interrogation, it became clear that Ted believed that the police force was corrupt and that they were responsible for letting the culprits of the bombing that claimed his son’s life get off scotch free. Ted revealed that the day of the bombing was also the 12th birthday of his son. He insisted that Sam should look at his hard drives, which Dov was trying to break into, as it contained all the evidence needed to go against the Irish mob, Judge Sullivan and the police force. As there was still one more bomb out there, Sam tried desperately to discover the location of the next bomb before anyone else got hurt. As it seemed like Sam was going nowhere, the Commissioner himself stepped in and utilized more brutal interrogation tactics. However, Ted didn’t say a word to him.

Traci discovered from the phone provider that the tip that was called in to Duncan was called in by Ted in order to lure the officer in. They then realized that Ted was going after the children of those he believed to be responsible for allowing the culprits of the diner bombing to roam free. This was the reason that Duncan, the judge’s nanny and daughter were targeted.

In a bid to get Sam to trust him enough to take a look at his hard drives, Ted revealed that he had slipped a bomb into the backpack of young Daniel Hall, the son of a city councilman. Ted explained that corrupt city councilmen allowed the mob to operate under their own noses by granting the mob permits and zoning clearances that they needed, as the mob was into the construction business.

Fortunately, Oliver and Chloe arrived in time to get the children to safety. Ted then revealed to Sam that the corruption within the police force was deep and that even the Commissioner was corrupt.

Sam mentioned this to the Commissioner, telling him what Ted had said and that whatever he found on the drives would be handed over to Internal Affairs. The Commissioner, without skipping a beat, gave Sam the signal and reminded him that he oversees everything being done at Internal Affairs. Ted also reassured Sam that that was the last bomb he had planted.

However, when Sam approached Marlo for the tapes, she revealed that she had placed them first in the evidence room and volunteered Andy to look for it. While Andy was at the evidence room, the room exploded, tossing her against a wall.

After the blast rocked the station, Sam left the interrogation room for a while, as he frantically searched for Andy. His worry turned into panic as he learned that Andy was in the very room which exploded. Much to Sam’s relief, Andy was alive and unharmed yet understandably scared.

As he returned to the interrogation room to check on Ted, he discovered him lying on the floor, in a pool of blood, with a small metal blade lying near him. Sam and Oliver could not make any sense of how Ted could have died. Chris, who had processed Ted into booking, told Oliver that he did not find a blade on Ted when he searched him before processing him. However, he added that he was willing to accept the consequences, just in case he was wrong. However, Chris himself believes that he had checked Ted thoroughly.

Meanwhile, Nick met up with Juliet, the girl whom he had bumped into earlier. However, when she learned that he was a police officer, she just left him with no clue of what he did wrong.

Gail revealed to her girlfriend, Holly (Aliyah O’ Brien), that she had started the process to adopt Sophie, whose mother had died. However, Holly revealed that she was going to ask Gail to go with her, as she was going to take a job in San Francisco, leaving their relationship clouded in uncertainty.

Chloe confronted Dov, hoping to win him back with the dress she was supposed to wear for the Commissioner’s Gala. However, Dov, although polite to her, refused to take her back. Marlo had a different opinion of the matter, especially as she learned that the reason why Dov wouldn’t take Chloe back was due to trust issues. She advised him to give Chloe another chance because it’s obvious that he still loves her.

As Dov cleared away Marlo’s table, he chanced upon a photo of an ultrasound. He asked her about it, to which he only got a stare in reply. Meanwhile, Andy and Sam shared a tender moment together after the intense day that they had.

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