Rookie Blue Recap: Perfect Family

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Rookie Blue Recap: Perfect Family
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Rookie Blue” Season 6 Episode 2 or Season 5 Episode 13 “Perfect Family” aired on Global at 9:00 p.m. on May 28, 2015 on Global. In this episode, while Officer Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) struggled with her feelings regarding her relationship with Detective Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) due to Detective Marlo Cruz’s (Rachael Ancheril) pregnancy with his child, the division investigated raced against time to find a missing sixteen year old girl, only to discover that there was more than meets the eye to their seemingly perfect family. Meanwhile, Officer Nick Collins (Peter Mooney) and Officer Juliet Ward (Erin Karpluk) struggled to be professional with each other, while Officer Chris Diaz (Travis Milne) tried to take matters in his own hands. Meanwhile, Officer Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith) discovered a lead into the bombing that may devastate the entire police department.  Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began at the division’s parking lot. Officer Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan) warned Officer Chris Diaz (Travis Milne) to break things off with the inspector’s wife. It was after learning who he was having an affair with. He then tried to keep his cool after she, Jamie (Cindy Sampson) asked for help with her car. Meanwhile, Officer Nick Collins (Peter Mooney) and Officer Juliet Ward (Erin Karpluk) struggled to be professional with each other. It got harder after Staff Sergeant Oliver Shaw (Matt Gordon) informed them that they would ride together, and Officer Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) found herself crying as she had conflicted emotions regarding Detective Marlo Cruz (Rachael Ancheril).

Detective Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma) and Andy then dealt with a family. They reported that their sixteen-year-old daughter, Hayley Hill (Zoe De Grand Maison) had gone missing the night beforehand after she and her mother went to a nearby gas station. They then discovered that Connor Frye (Rohan Mead), one of the gas station’s employees with a juvenile criminal record, and who had Instagram posts with Hayley in it, had her. Thanks to some information that Officer Chloe Price (Priscilla Faia) and Officer Duncan Moore (Matt Murray) had gotten from Connor’s mother, they tracked him down to his camper at the old camping grounds where his father used to take him. However, they found no trace of Hayley.

Meanwhile, Marlo and Officer Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith) began investigating all the criminals who had been booked the day of the bombing. The evidence had been logged into the evidence room for a connection to any of the bomb’s components. Later, they began to cross-reference any connection to those criminals to the employee list of Frak Manufacturing.

A little bit later, a very nervous Chris was called in by Inspector John Jarvis (Oliver Becker). He asked Chris, who used to work in construction, to look into the possibility of expanding his office.

At the camp site, Nick and Juliet, who had arrested Connor, discovered Hayley’s tank top in the camp fire. Connor, under threat of being jailed, then took them to Hayley’s hiding spot.

It turned out that the two were in love, and that her father psychologically abused her and her younger brother, Jeremy (Kasey Lea). For example, he brought out his belt if she got her homework wrong. It was after staying up all night to work on it, and that she would be forced to wear particular dresses, and was forced to sleep in the garage if she went to the movies with a boy. Also, she told them that her father fed her dog poison, but he claimed that it had run away. Sam then tried to talk to him, but all he told Sam was that he wanted to raise his family in the most traditional way as possible.

Back at their house, Traci and Andy convinced Hayley’s mother to go into protective custody. It was after discovering that the children were placed in the freezer if they misbehaved, and that the garage was full of hunting equipment and cages.

However, the father got booked after he attacked Connor. They then called an ambulance. Hayley began to seize as her younger brother had fed her poison as he had seen his father do that to their dog to punish it. He was then brought to the custody of child services, and Mrs. Hill swore to do everything to keep her husband away from the children.

Later that day, Chris discovered that Jarvis wasn’t going to fire them all as his wife was happy because of Chris. Andy and Sam reconciled, as Andy told him that his child would never be unloved by her.

Meanwhile, Dov discovered that one of the criminals listed supplied explosives to the police department itself.


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