Rookie Blue Spoilers: Moving Day

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Rookie Blue Spoilers: Moving Day
Missy Peregrym, June 28, 2008, Wizard World Comic Book Convention, photo by Adam Bielawski

“Rookie Blue” Season 5 Episode 9 “Moving Day” airs on Wednesday, July 23, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. Chloe and Epstein’s relationship will be at risk. WARNING: This article contains spoilers about Episode 9 “Moving Day.” Read only if you want to learn more about it, including a recap of Episode 8 “Exit Strategy.”

Previously on “Rookie Blue” (Episode 8 “Exit Strategy” air date: July 16, 2014), the episode opened with Chris Diaz  (Travis Milne) trying to get help at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, under the suggestion of roommate, colleague and friend, Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith). However, due to this, Epstein passed up on a golden opportunity to meet with the head of the Intelligence Unit for a possible job opportunity.

Meanwhile, Detective Steve Peck (Adam MacDonald), Officer Nick Collins (Peter Mooney) and Detective Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma) were gearing up to bust an underground gambling operation operating nearby. Traci became worried as she learned that Dex, her ex, and the father of her son, Leo, was threatening her with full spousal support and wanted sole custody of Leo.  However, the detectives hit a bump in the road when Staff Sergeant Oliver Shaw (Matt Gordon) yanked out the manpower that they need for the raid, as Inspector John Jarvis (Oliver Becker) wanted them to double up the patrol units in Swansea, a comfortable middle-class neighborhood. Assignments were handed out, and Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) was paired up with Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan).

Detective Peck then informed Traci that if the bust had pushed through, they would have been able to catch Dex, as he was caught on the surveillance photos as one of those who participated in the illegal gambling games. Their frustrations were shortlived, as Oliver Shaw gave them the support and manpower that they needed, leaving Traci conflicted with the entire situation.

She then later decided to inform Dex about the raid, warning him to be nowhere near when the raid happened. However, despite the promise that he would not tell anyone, the raid turned out to be a disappointment as the suspects had been warned and fled, leaving behind a box full of donuts and a couple of cups of coffee for the cops to enjoy.

Meanwhile, in Swansea, the officers of the 15th Division find themselves in the middle of a case, when Diaz and Epstein answered a call and found a house that was broken into and trashed. The owner of the house was found in his music studio, while his stepson, Seth, was found in his room, with a pillowcase over his head and tied up with telephone cords.

As the team looked over the house more carefully, they discovered that one of the windows had been broken from the inside. That and the fact that whoever the culprit was knew intimate facts about the house, and the fact that Seth’s parents were going on vacation that day led them to realize that it was an inside job.

As the parents were interrogated, little secrets started to come out, such as the fact that their marriage was rocky, the family was on the verge of bankruptcy and the husband sold weed.

Back at the station, Oliver confided in Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) and told him that he was having a rough time making decisions and dealing with politics as the new Staff Sergeant. Sam wisely gave Oliver some advice, quoting the advice that Oliver always gave the rookies who trained under him. Sam reminded him to be the cop he is and not the cop he thinks he is supposed to be.

Meanwhile, Epstein found the surveillance footage taken from the nanny cam that Seth’s mother hid in the music studio in the hopes of being able to identify the culprit. A young man was caught on tape, someone whom Seth denied knowing. As Diaz stepped in again, Epstein confronted him about whether or not he was truly coming clean, as he had seen a text message on Diaz’s phone from his dealer.

However, their confrontation was cut short as a gunshot was heard from inside the house. Epstein and Diaz rushed in, revealing Seth on the floor, with a gunshot wound to his head. As Epstein tried to stabilize Seth, they learned that Seth and his friend, Tim, had planned to rob the house in order to get enough money to run away. However, as Seth’s step father had arrived, the two panicked and made it look like a robbery. Tim, in a panic because the police had seen his face on the surveillance footage, shot Seth. The shot, however, had penetrated the wall and caused a deadly gas leak. The two, therefore, had to push aside their differences in order to get out of there alive.

As Traci and Collins took down the pictures of the gambling case down from the board, she noticed that the date stamps on the pictures taken with Dex in it didn’t correspond to the timeline of when Detective Peck started the case. She confronted him about this, and she learned that he had Dex followed as he was concerned of the ex of the woman he loves. However, when Oliver confronted them about the raid, Detective Peck took the blame for it.

Back at the station, Chris tried to reason with Epstein that he was trying to come clean. However, Epstein would have none of this, as he was afraid of losing another one he cares about to drugs, as his older brother died as he was a drug addict. In the end, Diaz promised to come clean and to tell Oliver himself about the matter and would face the consequences of his own actions. Chloe Price (Priscilla Faia), his girlfriend and colleague, tried to invite him out for a bite to eat, but he simply told her that he just wanted to be alone for the moment.


At the end of the episode, Andy confronted Oliver about the aftermath of the hearing and Oliver’s decision to take back Duncan Moore. Oliver, however, reassured her that he has been and will always be on her side no matter what. However, in politics, there was no such thing as an easy decision.

SPOILER ALERT: “Rookie Blue” Season 5 Episode 9 “Moving Day” airs on Wednesday, July 23, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC.

In the teaser for Episode 9 “Moving Day,” it seems like Epstein and Chloe Price’s relationship will be at risk, as they are being required to wear body-mounted cameras, which can be seen back at the station. Chloe becomes nervous and doesn’t want Epstein to watch the footage.  To celebrate their being divorcees, Chloe and her now ex-husband, Wes, kisseS while on duty.

And that’s all for the Episode 8 “Exit Strategy” recap and the Episode 9 “Moving Day” spoilers. “Moving Day” will air on Wednesday, July 23, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC.

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