Should Rookie Producers Watch Their Step When They Take up Movies Like “Terminator: Genisys?”

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Should Rookie Producers Watch Their Step When They Take up Movies Like “Terminator: Genisys?”

Anybody watching the movies these days will see that there is a spate of new producers in the movie business. Most of these labels are spawned by financiers who have become so cocksure of being able to spot at the good script that they have begun to produce their own scripts. Recent movies which started out looking like blockbusters but ended up doing bad business on the box office just go to show that movie business is hard and only those who have been through the rough just as much as smooth are able to prosper in these waters. Read on.

It is wrong to label “Terminator: Genisys” a box office failure. It did well in China after all. But the draw was not big enough to cover its production cost. Rookie Producer, Larry Ellison, was so sure of its success that he didn’t weigh in the fact that Terminator was an old franchise, whose initial fan base had dwindled to a very small percentage.

Kids who were kids in the eighties and early nineties are all young professionals who are more into the superhero genre than the action-adventure genre. There were even jokes doing rounds on the internet that made light of the franchise. One of them was about a man getting out of a cryopod and asking, “Star Wars and Terminator are both getting new sequels. Is it still the nineties?” Star Wars has a different story. Its legacy has been kept alive in the comic book genre where it is still very popular. Readers of that comic book franchise are make up a sizable fan base and may draw crowds to the box office. But there are no guarantees that the gamble will work.

While the seasoned producers from Hollywood would know that the movies like “Straight outta Compton” is too high brow for lay audiences, new producers like Thomas Tull experiment with them. And sometimes, like the film in question, which got big business done on the box office as well as the billboard charts, they hit jackpots. But for every “Straight outta Compton” there is a “Seventh Son.” Again, nothing wrong with the film; it is just that audiences think witches are cooler than witch hunters who are the seventh sons of whoever.

The movie business is a gamble at best and like good gamblers most producers eventually learn to go all in on the big ones and make their mark. Sometimes they fail, but thanks to their gamble, we have one hell of a show.

The Hollywood Reporter did a piece that basically told the rookie producers to stay out of the game. We think that they are wrong in giving out such a warning. Making movies is more about fun than profit. The profit is at best the icing on the cake.

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