Rosie O’Donnell Bids Goodbye to ‘The View’

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Rosie O’Donnell Bids Goodbye to ‘The View’
Rosie O’Donnell at the 44th Emmy Awards

Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow, and Rosie O’Donnell is doing it for the second time.

One of the co-hosts of the talk show “The View,” Rosie O’Donnell, is saying farewell again after being five months on the show.

Her publicist released a statement last Friday, saying that O’Donnell, 52, is saying goodbye to the show to spend more time with her children following the separation from her wife Michelle Rounds last November. It also detailed how it has been a very stressful for everyone in the family. The statement also stated that O’Donnell is putting her health and her family at top priority.

O’Donnell and Rounds have called it quits. The couple had been leaving apart since November 2014. The tv host decided to go public with the split to prevent any other rumors from coming out. There are no tell tale signs that the marriage was on the rocks and that there had been no statements alluding to problems when O’Donnell revealed the break up. Prior to marrying Rounds three years ago, the TV show host was married to Kelli Carpenter.

ABC network also released a statement. The statement commended the host as  very talented and was always professional and brought a lot ideas, energy and passion for the talk show. The statement also added that the top management of ABC was informed of her decision and that they respect and understand her need to put her health and her family on the top of her list. It also said that O’Donnell will still be working with ABC network with guest appearances on TV series “The Fosters” and that they know O’Donnell will be making her return on “The View” with her own perspective and updates on the goings on about her and her family.

The other hosts of the show — Whoopi Goldberg, Nicole Wallace, and Rosie Perez — were still in the dark about O’Donnell’s departure and only learned it when the statement was released. There is still no announcement as to who will take her seat on the show.

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