‘Royal Pains’ Cancelled After Season 8? Hank Searches For Love In Season 7 Finale; Still In Love With Ex?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Royal Pains’ Cancelled After Season 8? Hank Searches For Love In Season 7 Finale; Still In Love With Ex?
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The finale of “Royal Pains” Season 7 is just around the corner, but the excitement is just starting. Read for spoilers.

It will be the last episode of “Royal Pains” but it seems like the issue between our character’s are still hanging and it made fans of the series more thrilled in the upcoming episode.

Story details revealed that Dr. Lawson, played by Mark Feuerstein need to think fast and yet carefully regarding his love life in the upcoming episode of USA Network’s TV series.

In a report made by Cartermatt, the website updated that the “Lending a Shoulder” episode of the series will feature Lawson running into his ex-fiance Nikki. There will be a startling revelation, thereby making fans speculate that the concierge doctor still has feelings for the woman he always left behind since the beginning of the show.

On the other hand, Dr. Evan Lawson and his wife Paige Lawson are getting closer to adoption, as they help Elan played by Dominique Fishback through her labor and at the same time, in this upcoming episode, they will also learn their first tough lesson about being parents. As for Reshma Shetty, episode 8 will not be a happy episode for her character Divya as she will be experiencing an upsetting loss. After her failed romantic plans, she will envision a new future for her family and career, making it her top most priorities.

Meanwhile, since “Royal Pains” is set to have their finale, fans of the series started to get worried as to whether there will still be a season 8 or not, but there is good news! The comedy-drama series already renewed for an eight season of equal length.

Many speculate that the next season of the show will be its last and definitely the final season in 2016, but nothing has been confirmed just yet. There’s still many possibilities that may occur in our beloved show, so don’t lose hope even if showrunner Michael Rauch already expresses his thoughts about the possible finale of Season 8.

Rauch hinted a proper ending, revealing that something good is bound to happen to our beloved characters.

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