‘Royal Pains’ Season 8 Spoilers: Hank’s Love Journey Will Mark End of Series?

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Royal Pains’ Season 8 Spoilers: Hank’s Love Journey Will Mark End of Series?

Royal Pains” of USA Network television will be mostly marking an end to its journey after Season 8. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Co-showrunner Michael Rauch says, “No show on USA has run longer than eight seasons and we don’t expect this to.” The medical drama “Royal Pains” bids farewell with season 8 and will be containing 8 episodes. Read on for more details.

Rauch also added that although they always had faith that they will get picked up but at times there weren’t any surety. Although, the showrunners of “Royal Pains” promises that the end of the show will be the end of the series.

“Royal Pains” Season 8 will finally make Hank meet his true lady love. The show’s Season 8 Episode 4 also marks 100th Episode for the series so expect some old faces to come back or something big in store for Hank!

“Royal Pains” Season 7 Episode 8 Recap:

“Royal Pains” is really trying to wrap the stories around the characters. No doubt, the showrunners are trying to bring in as many twists that can be called upon so that series ending news doesn’t lead to low viewership. The beloved characters of “Royal Pains” all have something major coming in their lives.

“Royal Pains” Season 7 Episode 8 made Hank run into his ex-fiance, Nikki. Does Hank still love Nikki? Or an altogether new face will be launched for being Hank’s love?

Evan and Paige were seen helping Elan through her labour and Divya took a life-changing decision for her family and career after suffering a devastating loss.

What’s Next: “Royal Pains” Season 8 Spoilers

Hank was clearly seen being friendly. He is said to be lending a shoulder to Nikki but is there where the two will stop? “Royal Pains” Season 8 main focus will be to find love for Hank.

“It’s a big part. Divya has Sashi, and Evan has Paige … we’ll be having some fun with Jeremiah, Boris has Marisa and Carlos, and … Hank is the person who has everyone, and yet at the same time, no one in his life is as fulfilling as the partners the other characters have.” Rauch said.

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