The Royals Season 3 Update: Premiere Date Confirmed, Shirtless Prince Liam Features In New Pic

By Savitha Muppala | 2 years ago
The Royals Season 3 Update: Premiere Date Confirmed, Shirtless Prince Liam Features In New Pic

The Royals Season 3 is due to return and may be great news for fans of the outrageous family drama.

According to a recent communication by Entertainment Weekly, The Royals Season 3 has been renewed. The drama that is aired for about an hour each episode will be a follow-up on incidents of the previous season, following the execution of King Simon’s murderer.

The cast update shows that the entire cast will reprise their respective roles. If recent posts are anything to go by, the new season will have a lot of interesting scandals in its upcoming episodes.

The cast will include Prince Liam (William Mosley), his royal twin Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) and also Jasper (Tom Austen), according to reports.

The photo that perhaps takes the cake in the promo photographs is that of Liam in a shirtless pose. The prince looks pretty much determined to wreak vengeance for his father’s death. In the previous season, the prince had taken an oath to avenge his father’s death. In this new and upcoming season, he looks like he is on that journey already.


The photos coming in of the new season can help make some guesses, and all clues point to Liam making a pitch as the next King. Eleanor’s role in the scheme of things is still a mystery, though a recent photo does show Eleanor and Jasper next to each other. This leaves many questions open. Are Jasper and Eleanor back together or is it still the status quo?

James Hill (Rocky Marshall) is still being in the frame as security replacement for Jasper. It looks like Eleanor is not yet prepared to hand over security and her safety in his hands.

The Royals Season 3 that premieres on Dec. 4 at 10 p.m. is surely going to be action unlimited for viewers.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Royals

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