Beyonce’ Gets Drunk, Declares Divorce From Jay Z

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Beyonce’ Gets Drunk, Declares Divorce From Jay Z

There are rumors that Beyonce is ready to call it quits as far as her marriage with Jay Z is concerned. The latest round of gossip started when Beyonce’ allegedly took off her wedding ring at Kelly Rowland’s birthday party and declared to everyone that this was one of the last times they would see her wearing the ring.

Hollywood Life reports that Beyonce’ got really drunk and took off her wedding ring at her friend Kelly Rowland’s Birthday bash recently. She then declared that this was one of the last times when people would see her wearing that ring.

The report was allegedly echoed in Life and Style Magazine which reported that a partygoer told the press, “She took off her wedding ring and held it up in the air. Then she told people that it was one of the last times they’d see it.”

It is not known if Beyonce had done so to show her sarcasm for the recent spate of rumors that were circulating about her in the tabloids or was she too drunk and was displaying her anger against her husband Jay Z.

It was also reported that after the episode, Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, allegedly pulled her aside and told her off for being indiscriminate, and after her conversation with her mother, Beyonce’ declared to the public that it was just the drinks talking. The whole episode took place at the Sunset Tower Hotel where Kelly Rowland was celebrating her 35th Birthday.

Gossip Cop reports that the entire episode was a fabrication. The magazine noted that in the light of recent public appearances made by the couple, the most notable one being at the Los Angeles Clippers’ game, it sounds highly unlikely that the couple are looking to divorce each other. Nevertheless, the fans have been surprised by all the gossip and must be relieved now that the matter has been cleared up.


Photo Source: Facebook / Beyonce

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