Rumored Shortlist Of Actors For This DC Movie Has Been Revealed

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Rumored Shortlist Of Actors For This DC Movie Has Been Revealed
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eDCEU is slowly expanding and following the newly-revealed characters from the comics it is clear that many of them will be coming to the big screen.

Batgirl is one of the characters that have already secured a solo movie in DCEU and an important update about the solo movie is going around.

Shortlist for Batgirl

Screen Rant reported that a new shortlist of names possible to play the role of Batgirl has been revealed. The studio has not confirmed this shortlist yet but it has some really worthy contenders lined up to take on the role.

The lined up contenders also happen to have all the elements that director Joss Whedon is looking for in his Batgirl. He stated a few months back that he is looking for a fresh face that will go all the way with him to make this movie.

All the contenders are up and coming actresses, something which Whedon and the studio are keen on.

Contenders for the role

Some really good actresses are being considered for the role. Actresses like Jane Levy, Elle Fanning, Katherine Langford, Margaret Qualley, Bella Thorne, Olivia Cooke and many others have been listed.

Out of this massive list, names of Langford, Levy, Fanning, and Qualley are what seems to be the popular choices. Amongst the four, Langford is being considered as the top contender while the other three are second choices.

Most of the actresses are on the rise except for Fanning, who is perhaps the most recognizable on the list. She has been a part of Maleficent, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Live By Night.

On the other hand, Levy is known for her work in Suburgatory and Don’t Breathe, Langford is known for 13 Reasons Why and Qualley for The Leftovers.

Rumors surrounding Levy as Batgirl

This is not the first time Levy’s name has popped up for the role of Batgirl. Right after it was announced that a Batgirl movie is being made in the DCEU, fans started pitching Levy for the role.

There was also a rumor that Levy was being considered for the role but that rumor died down quickly. She does look the part and has some really good roles to prove that she is a good actress.

Also, since Batgirl will be based on the New 52 series written by Gail Simone, Levy is also in the right age to portray Batgirl. With an older Batman existing in DCEU, Batgirl will have to be someone in her late 20’s or early 30’s.

Popular choices

Before the revelation of this shortlist, two very significant and popular actresses were being pitched for Batgirl. Recent Academy Award winner Emma Stone and Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick found their names on every fan-cast.

Kendrick, in an interview with her The Accountant co-star Ben Affleck, even posed as female Robin to pitch herself as Affleck’s Batman’s sidekick. Stone, on the other hand, looks somewhat like Barbara Gordon, which made her a popular choice.

Many reports also stated that a combination of Whedon and Stone would prove to be extremely successful for DCEU.

Plot and release date

Batgirl does not have an official plot yet but reports have stated what fans can expect from the solo movie. The movie will be an origin movie and will be based on Simone’s Batgirl comic in the New 52 series.

In the comic book, Barbara Gordon made her comeback as the superhero after her gruesome incident with the Joker. If Batgirl is really based on that then fans could see the Gordon retiring her alter ego of Oracle and becoming Batgirl again.

Batgirl is aiming for a release in 2019.


Photo source: YouTube/CoolestClips4K


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