Rumors About Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Are All Just Part Of A Promotional Stunt?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Rumors About Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Are All Just Part Of A Promotional Stunt?
Rumors About Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, And Andrew Garfield Are All Just Part Of A Promotional Stunt?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been in the spotlight of rumors for almost the whole year this 2015. Their alleged relationship on the rocks leading to breakup were speculated to be caused by various reasons, even Ryan Gosling was included into it. Those rumors seem to continue even now, however, all these rumors are only part of a promotional stunt? Read On!

According to the analysis from Master Herald, all the turns of the events appear to contribute for the popularity of the upcoming film “La La Land.” First, there are no direct statements regarding the confirmation or denial from Stone and Garfield about the split. With all the rumors circulating the Hollywood couple, they have the option to set the record straight in order to put an end to all speculations but they are keeping mum about it. Their action only make the rumors grow around them.

Another point about the ongoing rumors is how Mendes remain silent towards it. There are allegations that her partner is cheating on her as he becomes closer with Stone despite that they have a daughter. Mendes is known to be very straightforward and outspoken, hence, she wouldn’t just let the issue buzz around without having a word or two against it. She could have tapped the media to burst her sentiments regarding these allegations.


The relationship of Mendes and Gosling appears to be going stronger as they have just also enjoyed last Halloween together with their lovely child, Esmeralda. The kid also participated in the trick or treat tradition alongside with her parents, as reported by

The same article also shared Mendes’ insights on how her Cuban family supports her all throughout, especially now in raising little Esmeralda. In an interview with Glam Belieza Latina, she said, “They sound like a bunch of hyenas, yelling in Spanish, English, Spanglish. They sing [my daughter] all these Cuban nursery songs that I forgot my mom used to know…It’s incredible. I really appreciate my family, now more than ever. I’m so happy that my little girl gets to grow up with this.”

As others connect the dots about all these issues linked to Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Andrew Garfield, and Emma Stone, the speculation that it is just for the promotional stunt of “La La Land” continues.

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